The first scan from Weekly Shonen Jump can be viewed here on Photobucket, with many thanks LJ user [ profile] tastsubelle. I have gone through and translated the entire thing other than the Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday blurb. A summary for those who do not wish to read the whole thing -

  • This is a sequel to Dissidia and will cover a new war between Light and Dark

  • Cecil and Garland are confirmed to be returning

  • Kain of FFIV is joining the cast and has the HP attack "Gungnir" and is a strong aerial character

  • Lightning of FFXIII is joining the cast and has the EX-Burst Zantetsuken and will wield both her sword and magic

  • There is a new double-gauge at the bottom of the HUD, no idea what this will be used for but that confirms at least one new element to the battle system. However, (and this is just my theory) it looks like a two-level EX-Gauge.

More news should be available during the Tokyo Game Show next week.


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