Just a quick translation of a Duodecium article that appeared on Famitsu.com. Not too much new information, but there will be a longer article in the print magazine with interviews with Normura and Arakawa available this week. Tranlsation is under the cut -

Lightning is drafted! Dissidia Duodecium Announced!

“Dissidia Duodecium Final Fantasy” is the sequel to “Dissidia Final Fantasy,” the PSP game where heroes and their rivals from Square-Enix's Final Fantasy series engage in brutal battles. It will be released in 2011. No price has been announced.

  • Movie and Demo at TGS2010

The dream of seeing the characters of Square-Enix's flagship series “Final Fantasy” (Abbreviated FF) costar together was realized in the PSP game “Dissidia FF” which sold over 1.8 million copies worldwide and now a new game “Dissidia Duodecium Final Fantasy” has been announced for a 2011 release. No price has been announced.

“Duodecium” is Latin for 12 and will be a meaningful keyword. “The story of facing defeat at the final decisive battle” - that is the current tag line. Everyone is excited over the addition of new characters, and the Dragoon Kain from “FFIV” and Lightning from “FFXIII” have already joined the fray. Not only will there be new characters and maps, but there will be new music and new battle system elements will be introduced. In addition, the 2-player mode has been made more user-friendly and robust, and there are variety of little extra elements.

The Tokyo Game Show exhibition starts on 9/16/2010 (The 16th and 17th are business days), and there will be a trailer and playable demo available!! With a grand story about a new war between the gods, we'll all be moved by this new exhilarating battle!

Furthermore, the Weekly Famitsu for 9/30/2010 (On sale 9/16), will include interviews with Creative Producer/Character Designer Tetsuya Nomura and Director Takeshi Arakawa, so you will want to check it out.

  • Prologue

  • Gambling with the fate of the world, the Gods of Harmony and Discord battle.
    Few warriors remain with little to rely on but their own memories,
    For the sake of ending the war,
    For the sake of returning to their worlds,
    The war continues....
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