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Name:Dissidia - The Chaotic Cosmos
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Community description:For news, gameplay information, and fanworks of Dissidia and Dissidia Duodecium

A community dedicated to Final Fantasy Dissidia discussion and devotion in all of its forms.

What is Dissidia?

Japanese Website | North American Website

Dissidia is described as a Dynamic-Action fighting game designed in celebration of Final Fantasy's 20th Anniversary. It is a cross-over game that combines 20 main characters in collaboration and combat - 10 Heroes and 10 Villains - as well as Guest Characters, 1 from FFXI and 1 from FFXII.

What is Dissidia Duodecium?

Dissidia Duodecium or Dissidia 012 is the sequel to Dissidia and will include more characters and battle elements in an even grander battle than before.

Personae Dramatis

The cast of Dissidia includes -

The Narrator, Cid of the Lufaine (Sugawara Bunta/Rodger Parsons)

Cosmos, Goddess of Harmony (Shimamoto Sumi/Kathleen McInerney) and Chaos, God of Discord (Wakamoto Norio/Keith David)

Final Fantasy I
The Warrior of Light (Seki Toshiko/Grant George) and Garland (Utsumi Kenji/Christopher Sabat)

Final Fantasy II
Firion (Midorikawa Hikaru/Johnny Yong Bosch) and Emperor Mateus Palamecia (Horiuchi Kenyū/Christopher Corey Smith)

Final Fantasy III
The Onion Knight (Fukuyama Jun/Aaron Spann) and The Cloud of Darkness (Ikeda Masako/Laura Bailey)

Final Fantasy IV
Cecil Harvey (Hidoshima Shizuma/Yuri Lowenthal) and Golbez (Kaga Takeshi/Peter Beckman)

Final Fantasy V
Bartz Klauser (Hoshi Sōichirō/Jason Spisak) and Exdeath (Ishida Tarō/Gerald C. Rivers)

Final Fantasy VI
Terra Branford (Fukui Yukari/Natalie Lander) and Kefka Palazzo (Shigeru Chiba/Daven Wittenberg)

Final Fantasy VII
Cloud Strife (Takahiro Sakurai/Steve Burton) and Sephiroth (Morikawa Toshiyuki/George Newburn)

Final Fantasy VIII
Squall Leonheart (Hideo Ishikawa/Dough Erholtz) and Sorceress Ultimecia (Tanaka Atsuko/Tasia Valenza)

Final Fantasy IX
Zidane (Paku Romi/Bryce Papenbrook) and Kuja (Ishida Akira/JD Cullum)

Final Fantasy X
Tidus (Masakazu Morita/James Arnold Taylor) and Jecht (Masuo Amada/Gregg Berger)

Final Fantasy XI
Lady Shantotto (Megumi Hayashibara/Candi Miho)

Final Fantasy XII
Judge Magister Gabranth (Akio Ohtsuka/Keith Ferguson)

Personae Dramatis 012

The cast list for Dissidia Duodecium is still mostly unknown in terms of who will be joining the cast and who will be returning. As such, only characters confirmed in press-releases will be added to this list. Actor names in italics are those assumed rather than confirmed to be reprising their roles.

Final Fantasy I
Garland (Utsumi Kenji/Christopher Sabat)

Final Fantasy IV
Cecil Harvey (Hidoshima Shizuma/Yuri Lowenthal) and Kain Highwind (Koichi Yamadera/Liam O'Brien)

Final Fantasy XIII
Claire "Lightning" Farron (Maaya Sakamoto/Ali Hillis)

What is this Community for?

This community is for both discussion of the game and all of its aspects - from speculation to move lists to equipment guides - as well as for fan work dedications - fan art, fan fictions and so forth. Essentially if you have something to say about Dissidia, this is the forum for it. To facilitate an open and welcome atmosphere, we have only a few guidelines for conduct -

1. All content must somehow be related to Dissidia. It can make allusions to other portions of Final Fantasy, but Dissidia must be a focus.

2. Any and all Dissidia discussion and devotion is welcome here and all members are asked to show tolerance and patience in their dealings with each other.

3. Fan work of any nature is allowed but it must be properly flagged and clearly labeled. We will not discourage work of adult nature, but we do ask for the poster to take all the necessary precautions.

4. All Fan work must be placed under an LJ-cut. Cross-Posting to other journals and communities is allowed.

5. The purpose of this community is to connect and share, something we reinforce continually. Never forget - fun is our first goal.
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